multilingual dtp, multilingual content writing, data entry
  multilingual dtp, multilingual content writing, data entry
multilingual dtp, multilingual content writing, data entry

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Content Management Solution

CogentSoft Solutions - Data & Document Management

In this Information Age, many companies and organizations deal with tens of thousands of documents which necessitate the use of an effective document management system. Keeping information orderly and accessible is becoming more complex, while the costs are difficult to control.

A perfectly organised data and document process is crucially important to your organisation so as to retain or increase your responsiveness in a way that allows you to direct all your attention towards your core business. CSS will help you achieve that goal. Using our key values of know-how, continuity, flexibility and innovation in the data and document management field, we will create optimum synergy with your business process.

For businesses, document management poses a number of challenges, including:

  • Distraction from core business functions
  • High costs in materials, time and personnel for storing and handling documents
  • Delays resulting from lost or misfiled paper documents
  • High expense per image for conversion of paper documents to digital formats
  • Data errors resulting from inaccuracy of imaging processes
  • Inconsistency in quality of images and data originating in disparate imaging centers
  • Timeliness of image processing and accessibility to information

Benefits of Document Capture and Management Service:

  • Reduce current labor-intensive data-entry processes
  • Obtain cutting-edge technologies without the capital expenditures and IT resources traditionally required.
  • Reduce input cycle time from days to hours.
  • Verify data during the Document Capture and Management Service process to ensure accuracy of data.
  • Ability to handle multiple input formats: paper, fax, e-mail and data.

Language Translation

International businesses requires professional communication. If you are not fluent in other languages, you will need to bring in someone who is.

Our highly skilled language professionals bring an understanding of language, customs and culture to our translations ensuring we reproduce what the original writer intended to say. Our translators are not only talented professionals in the art of transforming textual expressions of ideas into other languages; they are also specialists in their fields.

We translate for companies in all types of industries and can provide translation services in any subject matter into any language. Our language translation services will meet all your requirements for accuracy, timeliness, and quality.

Content Writing

Content Writing is the art of using words to sell. Great copywriting bridges the gap between your product or service and your customer.

CSS understands that many business owners do not have the time or resources to write content that is specifically tailored for a web site. Therefore, we offer professional content writing services that are geared specifically to web surfers' habits. Through our extensive research and experience, you now have the ability to present a professional image and a clear message to your customers. We can produce content writing for your website entirely from scratch, or alternatively, we can edit your existing website content.

Multilingual DTP

Translation services are frequently correlated with a desktop publishing phase in accordance with the layout or format specified by the customer.

We have the experience, tools, and resources to complete even the most challenging of Multilingual DTP projects. Our Multilingual DTP department is made up of highly professional operators and linguists with a wealth of typesetting experience in all languages and programs. These unique Multilingual DTP skills allow them to manage even the most complex language projects.

We work with many different types of programs on both PC and Macintosh platforms.