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E-Catalogues & E-Brochures

With the accelerating development of informatics, most companies have gradually given up that traditional method to transfer to another tool for vivid and convenient introduction of products to their clients. That is the E- Catalogue: The pictures of the products, presentation of information and sounds are designed and saved in a compact disc (CD) or other web media.

Advantages of E- Catalogues

  • Economic
  • Smaller size and weight
  • Replaceable namecards
  • Large quantity of information and products' pictures per CD:
    + 400-600 pictures/CD 650Mb of high quality resolution
    + More than 20,000 pictures of standard quality resolution
  • Vivid and visual
  • Interactive to zoom in and out or to revolve 3D if requested

CSS e-Catalogues and e-Brochure design services are proven to deliver high online spend, increase profits and improve response rates. The major benefit is your content is presented in a format everyone is trained to read: turning the page. Dynamic contents allow customers to find the section of choice in just 1 click. Most importantly, customers can download the file immediately when they're in buy mode.

eCatalogue: Getting exhausted to carry a heavy product catalogue? A better idea to utilize eCatalogue in which product details can be accessed anytime and anywhere in an interactive way drawing much of your clients attention!! Using this Economized, Convenient and Effective way to store your essential corporate information can be a very effective way to beat your competitors.